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Bring to OneNote 2007

Bring to OneNote can put Word document as plain text output to OneNote ,Excel workbook as Pure table output
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2 September 2012

Editor's review

This software tool will enable you to send documents, webpages, etc. to OneNote.

Bring to OneNote is similar in functionality to Send to OneNote add-in. However there are things you cannot do with the Send to OneNote add-in. In MS Office Word and Excel applications you can send things to OneNote. However the documents can only be in print format. Viewing and reading the documents are possible but not searching. Any linked documents with Notes add-in appears in OneNote as a simple link to the file. In either case you are not able to search through the documents. In case of the linked file the file is not accessible and cannot be searched. Contents cannot be edited either. Except for reading the link you cannot read the linked document from OneNote at all.

With this tool however, unlike the add-in, you would be able to transfer Word content as a plain text document, Excel data as pure tables, etc. This content then can be searched and edited. This tool can work with several other applications and browsers. You are able to transfer data content from web-pages through the browsers compatible with this software. The interface is simple. The interface with the OneNote shows the directory structure of files in it. There are independent components available within the tool. You choose the modules at the installation time. For example the modules available now include ones for Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and for the Windows Explorer. This is a nice and easy tool.

Publisher's description

Bring to OneNote 2007 is similar to Send to OneNote add-in.
In Office Word and Excel :
1. Send to OneNote add-in can only send document as Printout format to OneNote .
2. Linked Notes add-in just put the document as a Linked file to OneNote .
Both ways are flawed , Printout can only be a similar picture , in OneNote 2007 you can only search and view , but cannot be modified , and the Linked file is just a link , is not search the contents of the document.
Bring to OneNote can put Word document as a plain text output toOneNote ,Excel workbook as Pure table output toOneNote , the output to OneNote content can find and edit. Bring to OneNote for browsers can send web title, text, pdf and image to OneNote.
Browser components:
Bring to OneNote for Word,
Bring to OneNote for Excel,
Bring to OneNote for Firefox,
Bring to OneNote for Thunderbird,
Bring to OneNote for Chrome,
Bring to OneNote for Opera,
Bring to OneNote for Safari,
Bring to OneNote for Internet Explorer,
Bring to OneNote for Windows Explorer,
Bring to OneNote for Adobe Acrobat.
Bring to OneNote 2007
Bring to OneNote 2007
Version 8.0.2
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